when still hums
get up your
glassy eyes
over broadened
out of window body looks
out of door body walks
my potter’s thumb on fractal bundles
prints human on flower
pressing dry
our fluid play
comes naturally but
my agency is done
when i’m grabbing for the sun
my sock sinks into mud
i’m a clay soil
i suffer under carpet every other equinox
freezing hard times into my biota

my dukkha is average
in spring i investigate
the plane between dirty sock and dirty pavement
i take a walk
if they look they’ll see me strangely free
i feel sadness pass like weather
i tether my heart to my bones
because home will only really be here
for my passing years
let them pass slowly and sweetly
let me meet something real as me in the street
let me bow at your feet
loved ones unknown
find me
i emit a signal
sounding like an echo
only stretching to you

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