Devil's Dyke Network

intersectional feminist poetry and performance

Devil's Dyke Network

feminist poetry and performance

Devil’s Dyke Network hosts monthly events of feminist poetry, art and performance in Brighton


Join us for our infamous Devil’s Dyke Nights!

Click here to download the programme for our Pleasure Gardens Festival.

Read published work by the Devil’s Dyke Collective and previous performers at our events.

Previous performers

Akila Richards
Alejandra Guibert
Alison Rumfitt
Alyssia MacAlister
Amanda Prawn Star
Claudia Treacher
Elana Crowley
Elena Bianco
Emma Mackilligin
Fatemeh Takhtkashian
Fenn Rose
Fitz Crawford
Hannah Martin
Helen Dixon
Kat Sinclair
Linda Paoli
Manmeet Kaur
Marga Rebolledo
Nehaal Bajwa
Nic Lachance
Rosa Farber
Rum T Franco
Sea the Poet
Savannah Sevenzo
Sebastian Causton
Subira Wahogo
Tokini Fubara
Violeta Marchenkova
Yazmyn Hendrix

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We are volunteer-run and don’t have regular funding, but want to avoid charging for events, so if you have some spare cash, consider donating via PayPal here.