Our current home for events is Fabrica Gallery.

We have chosen this venue because it’s one of the most accessible venues in Brighton and because we wanted to make sure we could seat larger audiences more comfortably. Fabrica’s own page with detailed info on the accessibility of the space can be found here and is reproduced below. Our events are now partially seated (and otherwise we have beanbags and cushions), with reserved seats for those with access needs and space kept for wheelchair users. We also have a larger space than in the past, to allow for people to move around more easily. If you have any problems finding a seat on the night, please tell one of us and we’ll sort one out, or we can reserve a seat with your name on it in advance. If you’d like to talk us about more about accessibility please message us via the contact page.

We want to improve our accessibility situation further in the future. We’d like to provide BSL interpretation. If you have any other ideas on how we can improve then please tell us! We are a group of volunteers with no budget so our means are limited, but we really want to be properly accessible and will do everything we can to make that happen!

Our events are FREE in order to be accessible financially for everyone. We usually pass around a donation hat to try to cover our running costs so please contribute if you can! We have a GoFundMe campaign going to raise the funds we need to stay at Fabrica, please consider contributing if you can afford it!


Accessibility info from Fabrica’s website

Getting to Fabrica

There are disabled parking spaces in the immediate area around the gallery. There are two spaces directly outside Fabrica, and there are also disabled parking spaces on Ship Street, Middle Street and West Street.

List of disabled parking access

The Fed runs a hire service for wheelchairs, electric mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs nearby.

At the venue

We have two entrances to the gallery space, one on Ship Street and the other on Duke Street. The entrance on Duke Street offers a wheelchair accessible ramp to allow more people easy access to our gallery.

There is some slightly uneven floor surface due to the historic building having a mixture of wooden and stone flooring, but it is minimal.

We have two disabled toilets on site.

The gallery has comfortable chairs. If you need any assistance with chairs, or cannot see any available, feel free to ask one of our friendly volunteers who are happy to help.

Most of our posters use large print. If you need any other printed information in large print please ask a member of staff and where possible we will try and print you out the information in a larger font.

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