Upcoming events

Devil’s Dyke Network #7

Lighthouse, Brighton
22nd March 2019, doors at 6:30

Healing winter is over folks – here’s to the lifetime of healing! Devil’s Dyke Network is back and feeling revived for the new season of queer intersectional anti-capitalist feminist magic! We are hosting an intimate event at our new venue Lighthouse Gallery with visual art, three poets and a musical act. The venue is smaller in size with 80 people capacity, so get there early to avoid disappointment. 

We can’t wait to see, hear and feel you presence again! Stay tuned for the line up announcement. And check out the new info on our Accessibility page.


Brighton Women’s Strike 2019

Clock Tower, Brighton
8th March 2019
6 pm, more info here

Organised by Brighton International Feminist Network and Women’s Strike Assembly – UK. On the 8th of March we will gather at 6.30pm at the Clock Tower in Brighton (UK) and we’ll march together through the centre to stand against rape culture, unpaid reproductive work, LGBTQ+ rights being violated, gender based violence and fascist movements that threaten Human Rights.


Performance by TAngerinecAT with Greenness and R.Dyer

The Hope & Ruin, Brighton
27th April 2019
£5 ENTRY, tickets here

Cute Owl Promotions in association with FemFridays and Devil’s Dyke Network presents: An amazing night of highly individual genre-defying music with a plethora of musical instruments. Celebrating freedom and diversity of art! 🎵


DDN’s Open Call for Artists, Poets, Musicians & Performers

Spring – Summer 2019

With the self-proclaimed ‘Healing Winter’ coming to an end, the Devil’s Dyke Network is once again encouraging poets, artists and performers to reach out and share their spark! We are back to running bi-monthly events in Brighton called Devil’s Dyke Nights and if you want to perform or feature your work – please send samples of your art (art, craft, hobby, new beginnings) with a couple of words about yourself to devilsdykenetwork@gmail.com

For more info about us or if you want to chat, visit out socials:


Stay tuned for event announcements!


Past events

Devil’s Dyke Network #6

Fabrica Gallery, Brighton
6th September 2018

SUMMER IS ALMOST OVER! But Devil’s Dyke Network is here to make it right. Welcome to our sixth queer feminist poetry, art and music night presented in partnership with Fabrica. Come and share this space with us in a night of solidarity and resistance!

Claire Bessel (visual art)
Hazel Karooma-Brooker (music)
Daisy Behagg (words)
Emma McGordon (words)
Linda Paoli (words)
Emma Harrison (music)
Victoria Holt (words)
Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan (words)


Devil’s Dyke Network’s BDAY Party!

Hove beach (East end of Hove Lawns, BN3 1EH, Hove)
Sunday 12th August 2018, 3pm – evening

The Devil’s Dyke Network is turning 1 year old!

It was in fact almost one year ago that we hosted our first ever night at ONCA gallery, in the post-chaos of Pride and stress of dissertations. TODAY, we return to celebrate not only our work, but especially the magical community that has been supporting us in our first year of life! 

Stall at Trans Pride

Brunswick Square, Hove, BN3 1EH, Hove
Saturday 21st July 2018, 1pm – 6pm

We’ll have a stall at Trans Pride. Come and say hi! We will also be selling printed copies of our DDN Zine #1 for the price of £3.

Evento Estudiantes Nicas

O N C A Gallery, Brighton
Sunday 8th July 2018, 5pm – 8pm

Informative discussion panel and poetic performances in support of the current Nicaraguan resistance movement.

More info: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/jul/10/nicaragua-students-reluctant-rebels


Devil’s Dyke Network #5

Fabrica Gallery, Brighton
Wednesday 6th June 2018

INLAND zine feat. Lydia Heath (curated exhibit)
Iris Judea (music)
Manmeet Kaur (words)
Sol (words)
Helen Dixon (words)
Token Fubara (animation)
Alyssa MacAlister (words)
tAngerinecAt (music)

Devil’s Dyke Network #4

Fabrica Gallery, Brighton
28th March 2018, 7pm

Marga Rebolledo (visual art)
Violeta Marchenkova (film)
Fitz Crawford (words)
Alison Rumfitt (words)
Claudia Treacher (words)
Alejandra Guibert (words)
Khanyisa (music)

Devil’s Dyke Network #3

The Rosehill, Brighton
6th December 2017, 7pm

Fatemeh Takhtkashian (visual art)
Akila Richards (words)
Sebastian Causation (words)
Rosa Farber (words)
Yazmyn Hendrix (music)
Elena Bianco (words)
Sea the Poet (words)

Devil’s Dyke Network #2

ONCA Gallery, Brighton
5th October 2017, 7pm

Hannah Martin (visual art)
Fenn Rose (music)
Nehaal Bajwa (words)
Subira Wahoo (words)
Elana Crowley (words)
Amanda Prawn Star (words)

Devil’s Dyke Network #1

ONCA Gallery, Brighton
9th August 2017, 7pm

Aline Biz (visual art)
Linda Paoli (words)
Savannah Sevens (words)
Kat Sinclair (words)
Prerana (words)
Emma Mackilligin (words)
Nic Lachance (words)
Rum T Franco (music)

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