Ah – hi – hi, sorry! Excuse me. I think you’re on my toe.
Thank you. Yes – sorry! I’m sure you didn’t mean it, of course
My fault entirely. Silly place to leave a foot. It’s just my legs
They’re really – stupidly stretched out, I don’t know, Ha.
Hello! Hi! Sorry! to bother you, do you think – you could – um,
move your foot? I think it’s on my toe. I’m sure it’s not – ah
um, yes, I think – that is your foot actually. No, I’m – I’m cert-
ain it’s – not my own foot. On my toe. Thank you. Could you just
Why don’t you try moving your foot and if my toe feels better,
then – then we’ll know. Well, or we won’t – have to talk about
about it any more. I mean – I’m – I’m certain it’s not that I’m
stepping on your toe although- obviously – I am awfully sorry,
I shall check yes, of course, yes, I – but I wasn’t – anywhere near?
you, do you know I just – can’t help but think I’d know, if… if it was
me. On your toe. And it wouldn’t really explain the – pain, in my
in my toe. I Mean, true. There are a lot of – feet around, I suppose, it’s
hard, really, to tell, but. Ah! You found him, the culprit. Great! I’m
so glad! No no, don’t apologise, so glad we could sort it all out.
But… ar-are you sure someone isn’t on my… on my toe? Don’t mean
To bother you just – I think there still is. Someone. On my toe.
on my toe, yes. No I… don’t think it’s the chair. I mean, it’s – why
would it be the chair, did – someone – put their chair on my toe
Can … could they perhaps … move…it? Thank- I mean thank you I
– I hadn’t thought of – of – that – y – I think it makes a difference
yes. Sorry. Okay… okay! Okay. Well, Could you just – try and try
moving the chair? Oh you can’t, okay. …W…why? Why not, sorry?
Oh you’re… you’re sitting on it. Right. Yes well absolutely you
must – sit – somewhere, I’m sure. Yes! Quite right. But – I mean,
does it have to be – on my toe, the – the chair. You know, I’m
sure that is what’s on my toe. It seems – likely yes. Could you
just move it slightly? I know I know – I know yeees I know you
have to sit somewhere, obviously, you – nobody expects you –
that you stand! Nobody’s going to take your chair! I prom- I
mean I certainly have no interest – but for a moment, for a
a second could you just – just get off the chair? So I can – so
I can have my toe back? Please.
Yes, it does hurt. Weeell it’s just a little – a tiny gripe. Haha! TINY
GRIPE funny – I – I mean I’m not one to complain it’s nothing
MADLY painful, just a – little – I don’t – think it’s broken. I would –
definitely know, I know – I do know what a broken toe feels like.

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