alex/olivia we=she=she in that [my/our/not=our=mosquitia=shore] volcanic country’s capital city fractured heart head war-scarred and terremoteada loving that waste ground made wild and shady in childhood among revolutionary uncles, mothers’ tales as mountain guerrilleras potholes potheads internacionalista venezuelan mexican southern cone continental neighbours cuban doctors and asesores and white well-meaning brigadistas inspired by nicaraguan youthful redandblack urban fervour [wrong language re-wounding deep into the coco/wanki river caribbean coast reggae singing out autonomy we need autonomy] in war-seige la mística froze into national patria [or die] state security kids running ragged next to diplotienda development projects remade petty dictatorships until hippie sandalistas arriving became evangelical missionaries and tourist bystanders fluttering sweaty into aire acondicionado airports ready for magazine paradise with old white men swimming trunks drunk on guess whose bodies and how old

history repeats

we [there now] means resistance in movement we means flexifeminist ecostudent biodance decolonial trailblazers running wild into repertoires of rupture as banshee cineasta activists artists reflectivists younameists the mural walls once rojinegro once bourgeois whitewashed now conspiratorial street art glee [ours] against groaning grey scaffolds of power that keep four year old child at traffic lights cleaning suv windscreen [window tightly shut to keep cool air in heat and hot stench reality out] kids seen as cheap sweets to the all-consuming gaze of femicide execs and loyal party hacks who can’t spare them a córdoba of their dollars

we [there now] means packing police station courtrooms analysing assemblies singing in parks collective workshop grieving marching with towns full of mine resistance dam resistance people=as=rivers holding indigenous lands we means filming archives against the corporate white wedge going broke but happy and the wider we

makes space for she=she us with no pronoun apologies left and right

time slows thinking of olivia




short crop murruco wet with pelo de lluvia

          intelligent flicker of eyes met

                    a bar called nexus her stroke

                             fragile head in these hands

                    plain room with rattling cheap

                                        market fan clothes rack

                                                 wooden from huembes

                                                           makeshift sideways crates
                                                 world upside down on the floor

                                       bookcase stuffed full against

                              a generous sponge mattress

                    throw reminder of delhi cousin jules

          air of patchouli we shared

everything down to moon cups


lips on nipples freed from iron clad parapets bought by small town politician mother eager to own the birthed she=body and disown the glimpse of truth in every shivering surface dark hollow olivia’s bones as we=shes move from ruinous heat escombros to imagine green mountain valleys palm of hands to cradle us hush hush rush of rain on tin roof sending us to sleep





we=she=she                   we=she=she          we=she=she                   we=she=she

we=she=she          we=she=she                   we=she=she          we=she=she

come to this encounter

cross these porous borders sifting shifting breath of open seas

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