HERE’S every manifestation of woman I can be
I will dislocate my six terrifying jaws
Snort fire from nostrils
And hide in a soft pink mouse shell
After wandering the moors
And feasting on the raincoats of lost hikers
I shall rip apart their hardiness with my teeth
And bear it out upon my skin
Exuding compass points from glands
Instead of milk
Pull mossy pegs from fingertips
And take the martyrdom
Of a thousand soft quavering voices
“um excuse me?”
And plunge it into the hard heart
Of the throbbing wasteland
Before sobbing into the embrace
Of people
And sweet musk smelling
With a hundred different genders
Bleeding into each other
With the brightest colours
Of a fur-lined purse
I gasp
To discover there is something
Beyond smoke and death
You know you’re not being ironic
You’re just being mean.

And then it sheds.
Then still
On the ground.

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