Beyond the obvious
self and other, he and she, fuck and fucked there
is a subtler membrane.
No excuses: there is no need
for microscopes to see this osmosis, it’s
clear as day, rolling off my tongue, no biological slip-through-the-gaps.
I am forcing it out.
Met with that squint, hand not cupped to the ear but
might as well be –
Here’s something more complex: Different
Indifferent. Cryptographically impossible, insoluble,
grown in a petri dish of falsehood, flavourful, easily
swallowed (maybe I’ll crowdfund a documentary –
How Your Food Is Made-inspired, make it required viewing
meanwhile stewing on the subject, I’ll continue
to scrape the sugar from the shell).
No matter how wide the diffusion of words, the sprawl of
information, or how many times it’s possible to be told to
(is it a 50/50 split; how did you know; how does it work; why won’t you answer)
Just Google It
some things                                             don’t make their way across
some things                                             are lost in translation
some things                                             can’t bridge these gaps
I, A                             Dichotomy

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