Devil's Dyke Network

queer feminist spacemaking, art, poetry and performance

Devil's Dyke Network

queer feminist art, poetry and performance

Devil’s Dyke Network hosts regular spaces for internationalist queer feminist art, poetry & performance in Brighton, UK.



Hang out with Devil’s Dyke Network!

Devil’s Dyke Nights have been happening in Brighton since 2017 at amazing local venues like ONCA Gallery, The Rose Hill, Fabrica and Lighthouse. Presently, due to COVID-19, we are developing new ways to create a queer feminist space and are actively fundraising to support this undertaking. Devil’s Dyke Network is volunteer-run by its organising collective that consists of writers, poets, activists, artists and filmmakers and is an anti-profit organisation. To support our space you can buy DDN Anthology zines or use PayPal to send us some money. Each supportive gesture is of great value here.

Hope to see you soon!

Explore poetry and artwork by Devil’s Dyke Network (the organising collective!) and artists from our past events.

Past artists (A-G)

Aline Biz
Amanda Prawnstar
Akila Richards
Alejandra Guibert
Alison Rumfitt
Alyssia MacAlister
Amanda Prawn Star
Camille Barton
Claudia Treacher
Claire Bessel
Daisy Behagg
Daisy Gamble
Elana Crowley
Elena Bianco
Emma Harrison
Emma MacKilligin
Emma McGordon
Fatemeh Takhtkeshian
Fenn Rose
Fitz Crawford
Gabriel Balfe

Past artists (H-N)

Hannah Martin
Hazel Windsnap
Helen Dixon
Imogen Dolan-Parry
Iris Judea
Inland Zine
Lydia Heath
Kat Addis
Kat Sinclair
Linda Paoli
Manmeet Kaur
Marga Rebolledo
Mandla Rae
Milla Tims
Mollusc Dimension
Nehaal Bajwa
Nic Lachance
Nina Ward

Past artists (P-Y)

Rosa Farber
Rum T Franco
Sarah Dawson
Sea the Poet
Sebastian Causton
Sol Howard
Subira Wahogo
Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan
Sybelika Ade
Tian Brown-Sampson
Tokini Fubara
Verity Spott
Victoria Holt
Violeta Marchenkova
Yazmyn Hendrix

Donate to help keep our events free and more accessible.

We are volunteer-run and don’t have regular funding, but want to avoid charging for events, so if you have some spare cash, consider donating via PayPal here.